Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nuggets-Lakers Live Blog, 2nd Quarter-Halftime

10:02: Back, for the time being.  Both teams seem incredibly sluggish and disorganized on offense.  Missed layups, more shot selection- hope both teams can pick it up.

10:03: Billups picks up his third foul now- this isn't good for Denver's chances.  At all.

10:05: Kobe's got four points thus far.  Looks like my prediction from earlier was a bit short-sighted/just bad.

10:07: What the hell is wrong with Trevor Ariza tonight?  Seriously.  The guy is just throwing himself at people and making bonehead play after bonehead play.

10:10: Sweet stroke by Anthony!  Oh, and for those following, Kobe's scored seven since I mentioned him not being as much of a factor as I thought he'd be.

10:12: Real stupid fouls under the basket by Denver.  In an unrelated question- what do we attribute 'Melo's maturity and improvement to?  Shaving the cornrows, or Billups?

10:13: What year was The Osbournes last on television?  And why is it that I feel like Ozzy's been peddling every product under the sun lately?

10:14: As much as Odom sucks, he's pretty much the best inbound pass defender I've ever seen.  Tie game at the half seems about right.  Real evenly-matched game thus far.

10:17: What does Amway do?  Seriously.  I have no idea.

10:20: Los Angeles may be lucky, but not much more than Denver.  There have been a lot of lapses on both sides, in my opinion.  

10:21: Wilbon, if you told me Odom would have twice as many shot attempts as Gasol, I wouldn't be surprised, since he's Lamar Odom.

10:22: Did we just coin a new nickname for Rashard Lewis- "Mr. Clutch"? Please.  Spare us all.  God.

10:23: Why does The Postal Service provide the music for the US Postal Service's top competitor, the United Parcel Service?  I though part of the settlement between the two was the the band lets USPS use their music in ads.

10:30: Scooping ice cream should not require as much effort as I just had to put forth.

10:33: Green Day's new album just came out, and I'm already sick of it.  Remember when that band didn't suck?  Yeah, I know, it's kind of hard for me to recall 1993 too.

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