Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nuggets-Lakers Live Blog, 3rd Quarter

10:35: "21st Century Breakdown," says my brother, sarcastically, as Jeff Van Gundy drags the images of the players across the screen.

10:37: Trevor Ariza, once again, you are the worst player on the court at any given moment tonight.

10:39: I'm not taking it back yet, even after that shot.

10:39: I feel like that's the first time I've heard Kenyon Martin's name all night.

10:41: As much as I hate Kobe, I cannot deny how good the man is.

10:41: 'Melo really should have put that shot up when he was underneath the hoop.  And yes, Martin's shot is hideous.

10:43: The second-worst player on the court fouls the worst.  We won't see Nene until the fourth quarter.

10:44: Grammar correction, Van Gundy- "most obese states".  Not "biggest obese states".

10:45: I feel like everyone on the Nuggets has a "great ability to contort their body".  I've heard it said about almost the entire team during the last few games.

10:47: Why is it that no one has mentioned Birdman's haircut yet?  What's the deal, Van Gundy, Jackson and Breen?!

10:49: Green tea and ice cream... bad scene.

10:52: Did Progressive plan to have "Flo" be their permanent spokesperson?  Hmmm...

10:54: "It's about to get tragic..."  Turnovers are killing Denver.

10:56: That was one of the worst shots I've ever seen Kobe Bryant take.  Ever.

11:00: Hugh Hefner...BALLER.

11:01: I feel like Hugh should get a lifetime achievement award.  I'm not sure what for, but we all know he deserves some kind of prize given what he's been able to pull off in his old age.

11:03: The television's been highjacked once again for a limited time.  I may miss the beginning of the fourth quarter.

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