Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nuggets-Lakers Live Blog, 4th Quarter

11:09: Absolutely pitiful shot by Martin.  Stick to what you're good at and hammer inside.

11:10: Sadly, this seems like a replay of Game Three.  A lot of Chauncey Billups tossing up terrible threes.  If JR Smith gets in on the act, it'll be an exact replica.

11:12: You've got to hate when you can see the wheels coming off in front of your eyes.  Nene's done, and if the Nuggets don't get it together, so are they.

11:14: I'm sure everyone's seen the new Heineken commercial encouraging using a taxi after drinking.  "OH BABY, YOU- YOU GOT WHAT I NEE-EED!"  Good stuff.

11:17: 'Melo just mugged Kobe.  The Birdman looked concerned.  I am too, about this game getting out of hand.


11:20: Stupid fouls, stupid shots, and stupid turnovers.  The Nuggets are handing this game to the Lakers right now.

11:22: Why is 'Melo trying to dunk from 15 feet out?  You can't make poor decisions like that this late, especially down 10.

11:25: Why does everyone hate the Kobe/LeBron Nike puppet commercials?  I think they're kind of entertaining.

11:26: Kleiza's had the last two FG's for Denver.  Sign #75 why you're losing in the fourth.

11:27: Nene Fail.

11:28: The Lakers are trying to let Denver back into this one, yet they refuse to capitalize.  In other news, George Karl just said "you're fine" to his team.  I couldn't disagree more.

11:29: Why is Kleiza suddently The Guy?  I mean, it's working to a point, but what about 'Melo, Billups, Martin, Smith, Jones, etc.?

11:31: What a flop by Nene.  The Nuggets are going to miss him as a physical presence on the court, even though he's done nothing on the offensive end.

11:33: Ariza's about to make me eat my words again.  Really poor rotation by the Nuggets there.  Not sure what's going on with their D for the past few minutes.

11:35: And on cue, Odom misses a free throw in the fourth quarter.... Make it two.

11:36: The Nuggets are playing too sloppy for words.  "This is well officiated playoff basketball!" exclaims Van Gundy.  Probably the only time you'll hear that all month.

11:37: Side note- can't stand the shameless cross-promotion the NBA does with movies.  They are not related in anyway, so stop trying to pretend they are.

11:40: Another Billups misfire.  Based on the shot, you'd think there were two seconds left on the shot clock.

11:41: I'm pretty sure the Nuggets do not want to win this game.  Also, don't let 'Melo's box score fool you.  His 28 points are on 8-22 shooting.

11:43: Game: Blouses.  The Nuggets just didn't have it tonight, and they've paid the price.  When you don't take care of the ball, and don't capitalize on open looks, you're going to lose, no matter who you face.

11:44: Successful inbound by the Nuggets!  At least that's something different than the other games.

11:46: The Nuggets are now 0-3 when I catch any portion of the game.  Hmmm... something tells me I won't be tuning in for the next (hopefully) two contests.

11:47: Analysis of the game coming up.  Stop back within the hour.

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